Photo Gallery: family pictures

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Before anything else here is a picture of my grandfather Guentcho Yankov Krastev - my brother and I are the first to bear the familiy name Guentchev in his honor. I never knew him - he died before World War II.

First some pictures from Summer'98:
Galia and I in Monterey, CA and at the golf outing, organized by my employer, General Inspection, Inc.

Here's everyone : my wife Galia, our son Alex at 2 months of age and I - 68Kb

Next you can contemplate Galia holding Alex - 57Kb

... or my humble self and Alex - 49Kb

You can also take a closer peek at Alex at 2-3 weeks of age - 52K.

Then later on, we have happy Alex in the tub at 5 months of age - 19K.

Alex just smiling and his happy mom holding him. And finally all three of us in front of our new home - 75K.

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How about some newer pictures:

All of the Guentchev family on a Jet Ski - 58K

Same spot (Greenville, SC) but only Alex on a Jet Ski - 46K

A portrait of Alex at 2 years of age - 25K

A portrait of Galia and Alex - 27K

And a portrait of Kamen and Alex - 29K

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Now we proudly present the new addition to the Guentchev family: Laura Elizabeth !

Her very first hour: newborn Lori - 26K

Still in the hospital with daddy - 31K

First smile ( 3-days-old ) - 21K

And another one of " sleepy Lori " - 20K

Now at one month of age Lori looks more like a girl - 22K

This is a family picture with Lori, Alex and their mom - 24K

Check out my gift for Father's day 2001 (it came in a frame and I have it on my desk) - 37K

Pictures from 2001 Summer - a walk around the subdivision and birthday party at the neighbors:

  • Galia and Alex getting ready - 25K
  • Alex asking where's the cake? - 28K
  • Galia feeding Laura - 27K
  • Alex trying out one of the gifts - 37K